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Sell Fast Minnesota
How we Buy Houses

Sell Fast Minnesota is skilled at delivering a painless and smooth experience. Get in touch with us for a stress-free transaction from start to finish. We buy houses Minnesota!



    Speak with a reliable cash home buyer that understands your situation now. Simply complete this form to get in touch with us or call us at 612-888-8550 to speak with our experts!


    Our Buying Process Is As Follows…

    step one

    Request a cash offer by contacting us via a phone call or property form


    step two

    You get a call from our experts to schedule a property inspection.


    step three

    We’ll draft a cash offer on the spot or after 24 hours.


    step four

    Consider your house sold because we’ll close a few days after you accept and pay you!


    What to expect when we inspect: Sell Fast Minnesota will reach out to set up a property inspection when you request a cash offer. Knowing your time is important, we try not to fritter it away. Hence, inspection takes only about an hour. But if you need us to answer some questions, we’ll take as much time as necessary to satisfy your curiosity. We’ll check the exterior and ask you to lead us on a walkthrough for a more thorough inspection. Afterward, you will get an offer, and it’s all downhill from there.


    the easy way to sell a house

    Regardless of your situation, we are the team for you!

    Your home offers a soothing respite from the bustle that life puts us through. But it can quickly become a burden you’d rather not deal with. 

    When this happens, it’s time to ask for help fast! We help homeowners leave behind the burden of a house that’s become a nightmare and move on to get peace of mind. Sell Fast Minnesota buys properties in all areas of Minnesota, including small places like Funkley town. 

    We want to make you a firm offer for your unwanted house; trust us, our bid doesn’t change even after we close. Plus, we can close in as little as one week without charging any commission. The closing fee is also on us! Can the sale of properties get any easier than this?

    How We Handle Real Estate Transactions The Easy Way

    Contacting us is the climax of our selling procedure. Because once you reach out to us, you won’t experience any stress, time, or inspection buildup. It’s downhill from there! Our team prepares a bid after a brief walkthrough of the property, and we’ll handle the closing procedure afterward. All you need to do is accept and sign a few documents!

    You reserve an unlimited right to ask any questions or make a query. However, most buyers want to know more about our process.

    We prepared a FAQ that would help you understand us better.


    Delve into the answers below.

    sell your house today

    How do you make the process seamless for homeowners?

    We don’t make a big deal out of our home selling process. So, it’s straightforward and free of all complications just to ensure you don’t feel hassled while dealing with us. Let’s give you an overview of how we buy properties.

    That’s the summary of our process.

    we buy houses in MN

    Are there any particular details that help your form a bid?

    Our local experts are professionals when it comes to drafting picture-perfect cash offers. Since we know your area well enough, we’d have no trouble making an honest bid without any error. Besides, we can only imagine how important your home is to you! Hence, we can’t afford to make any error and deliver a lowball offer.

    But we need your help… providing answers to the following details guides our cash offer into perfection!

    We’d love you to answer these questions. Why? Having all the details on your house helps us make a quote tailored to suit your home.

    How do you determine how much my home is worth?

    We don’t manufacture bids off the top of our heads. Of course, doing things over and over again makes you an expert. But as much as we rely on our experience, we still have a formula for buying houses. Here’s a scenario. Let’s assume you contacted us and said, “I need to sell my Minnesota home fast!” Going further with our assumption, you have a neighbor, George, who had the exact model of your house, which he sold 2 weeks ago. 

    But in his case, he invested in repairs like fixing floorings, repairing the peeling walls with a stunning wash, and all the fixes needed. After all these fixes, George sold his house for $1000. So, how does George’s story affect you?

    For one, we know if we remodel your house the same way George did, your home would be worth $1000. Remember that, unlike your neighbor, you are selling as is.Thanks to George, we now know the market value of your property after repairs have been made (hypothetically, $1000). Moreover, we have professional contractors who can walk your property and draw up an estimate for repairs. So… we can make a fair cash offer accurately. 

    Now let’s break down the process.

    This might get tricky if you don’t like Math, but we promise to make it as clear as possible. Transparency is a core value, so we are glad to give you an overview of how we determine the appropriate bid for your Minnesota house. 


    Pretty straightforward, eh?

    But we want this to be crystal clear, so we’ll explain each term in the formula.

    After Repair Value (ARV): This is the retail value of your property after repairs. 

    Minimum Profit: Of course, helping you get through your real estate problems is a priority, but so is our profit. In the long run, Sell Fast Minnesota is a business; we need to make money to keep helping people. 

    Selling Costs: While we don’t need an agent to buy your house, we may need one to flip. Plus, we have to fund several costs while buying your property. Note that we won’t charge you for any fees– not a dime. However, we strive to make the selling costs reasonable to ensure you still get the best offer. 

    Repairs: This is the cost of every repair Sell Fast Minnesota makes on your home after purchasing it. 

    Summarily, the current retail value of your home minus our profit, all transaction costs, and repairs is your offer. It’s simple. The offer doesn’t change through closing!


    See how much we’d pay for your house below…

    Factors that might affect the value of your property

    How Fast is “FAST” when selling to you?

    Fast could be as soon as 7 days or as late as you want. So, it’s your call. The question is: how fast do you want it to be? Name the date; we’ll make it happen.


    Your acceptance sets off the closing procedure. We’ll get all the necessary documentation and have you sign where required. It’s usual to encounter some issues that could cause delays, but we stay proactive and try to tackle any problem immediately we discover it.

    Our escrow company inspects your property title for any issues that might hinder transferability or cause barriers to sale. The title is a primary factor, so any problems with the home title will be handled before proceeding with the transaction. Our contractors and partners may also visit the property.

    Then, you get paid! This turns out to be our customer’s favorite stage! The process and payment could take 10 days or more if we experience any setback while validating your title to the property.

    Let’s get you started! Contact us now for a firm offer.